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If you’re an Aussie . . .

Basic Income week


Don’t panic!

You don’t have to do anything.

These folk in the silly picture are Europeans.  And Europe, as we Aussies are smugly aware, is a basket case.

Except maybe for Germany. “Powerhouse of the European Union” and all that.



Er, well, maybe the Germans are getting into this too.

But we’re aligned to the US, not Europe, and Americans wouldn’t have anything to do with all this utopian nonsense, would they?

Well, actually, quite a few of them do.

During the seventh International Basic Income Week, September 15 – 21, one of the world’s biggest and most widely read websites, Reddit, will be hosting a continuing 24/7 discussion of Basic Income (or Guaranteed Minimum Income if you prefer).

The Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) is organising “Ask Me Anything” events on Reddit during the week. In these events, an expert in a given topic promises to be available for a given amount of time to type answers to questions submitted from anyone around the world. As BIEN points out in its latest newsletter, Reddit, which calls itself, “The Front Page of the Internet”, last year received 731 million unique visitors and 56 billion page views.

BIEN says it will schedule at least one AMA per day, perhaps several a day, throughout Basic Income Week, starting September 15 and concluding September 21. Some of these will take place in the IAMA subreddit and BasicIncome subreddit, but most will take place in some of the many other subreddits available, based on location like (perhaps Ireland, Europe, Korea, etc.), or focus of interviewee (perhaps Economics, politics, Psychology, etc.) or by language (perhaps French, German, Japanese, etc.). 

Participants include:

  • Karl Widerquist, co-chair of BIEN, Associate Professor at SFS-Qatar, Georgetown University, editor of Basic Income News, and author of A Theory of Freedom as the Power to Say No
  • Peter Barnes, author of Who Owns the Sky?Capitalism 3.0, and With Liberty and Dividends for all
  • Barb Jacobson, Stanislas Jourdin, and Enno Schmidt, of Universal Basic Income Europe and leaders of people’s initiatives that raise a total of more than 400,000 signatures for basic income in 2013-2014
  • Mike Howard, editor of Basic Income Studies, coordinator of USBIG, and a socialist philosopher at the University of Maine-Orono, with expertise on the Alaska dividend & the cap-and-dividend approach to global warming
  • Ann Withorn, of the University of Massachusetts-Boston and USBIG and Shawn Cassiman, of USBIG
  • Jeff Smith, of the Geonomy Society
  • Jason Murphy, philosopher at Elms College and Gaura Rader, philosopher at Ohio University and of the Socratic Diablogues,
  • Pablo Yannes, of Red Mexicana Ingreso Ciudadano Universal (BIEN’s affiliate in Mexico)
  • Juon Kim Télémaque Masson of Basic Income Generation
  • Mike Munger, Libertarian economist at Duke University
  • Toru Yamamori, of Doshisha Universityand BIEN-Japan
  • Hysong Ahn, of the Basic Income Korean Network
  • Popho Eun Sil Bark-Yi, Yonsei University and Basic Income Korean Network (BIKN)
  • Louise Haag, co-chair of BIEN and Reader in politics and the University of York (UK) and Anja Askeland, Secretary of BIEN and member of BIEN-Norway
  • Adriaan Planken, of UBIE-the Netherlands
  • Mark Walker, of New Mexico State University, and James Hughes, of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Oxford University
  • Marshall Brain, founder of, entrepreneur, and author
  • Ed Dolan, author of Economics of Public Policy
  • Charles M.A. Clark, of St. John’s University
  • Michael Bohmeyer, entrepreneur and founder of “My basic income”

The Basic Income Subreddit is online at:

Information about the growth of the BI Subreddit is online at:

The IAMA subreddit is online at:

At least six of these experts are from the US.  Did you spot the Aussies?

No, neither did I.


But we will get there.